Spanish Tutorials and Practice Exercises


These openly available resources were designed and developed by the Center for Learning & Teaching at Penn State Berks in collaboration with Dr. Bélen Rodríguez-Mourelo, Dr. Rosario Torres, Dr. Donna Chambers, and Dr. Edwin Murillo.

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Commands, Direct and Indirect Objects, Grammatical Gender and Number, Gustar, Imperfect tense, Present Tense, Preterite Tense, Using Preterite and Imperfect Together, Ser and Estar, Subjunctive Mood




Direct and Indirect Objects


Grammatical Gender and Number


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    Grammatical gender and number of nouns: Main Menu
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    Tutorial with Interactive Practice: Number



Imperfect Tense


Present Tense Conjugation


Preterite and Imperfect Together


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    Comparison of Preterite and Imperfect Tenses: Main Menu

Preterite Tense Conjugation


Ser and Estar


Subjunctive Mood